Der Besuch der alten Dame (The Visitor), by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, 1956, Arche.

Cover illustration by Hermann Eggmann.

Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley, Modern Library, 1928.

Saved from the dumpster at work!

From Galileo to Cosmic Rays, by Harvey Brace Lemon. University of Chicago Press, 1934 (this is the sixth pressing, from 1940). Drawings by Chichi Lasli

News update: I work in an auction house now, and regularly get to take home boxes of unsold books, like the one above!

Getting the Main Idea, part of the “Specific Skills” series from Dexter and Westbrook, Ltd. 1970

By Richard A. Boning

Understanding Questions: C, part of the “Supportive Reading Skills” series from Dexter and Westbrook, Ltd. 1973.

By Richard A. Boning (har har har)

The Cross and The Switchblade by David Wilkerson and John and Elizabeth Sherill

Published by Pyramid Books (this is the 1970 reprinting with cover illustration by Lee Gregori).

From Stories of Great Battles, by Robert N. Webb. Illustrations by Shannon Stirnweis. 1960.

Cherry Ames, Visiting Nurse. By Helen Wells. 1947.

"It is every girl’s ambition at one time or another to wear the crisp uniform of a nurse. Certainly, girls everywhere love to read stories in which a nurse is the heroine. At least a million girls already know and admire Cherry Ames; have laughed over her pranks, and her gay adventures and wept over her problems."

I Want to Be a Homemaker, by Carla Greene. 1961.

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The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley. 1961. Ace Books, Inc. 

Pretty sure Walter Velez is the illustrator.

Wheels, 1919 (Fourth Cycle)

Edited by Edith Sitwell

Wheels was an anthology of modernist poetry that was published in several cycles from 1916-1921. This one has poems by Osbert Sitwell, Aldous Huxley, Sacheverell Sitwell, Arnold James, Francesco Quevedo, Iris Tree, Wilfred Owen, Sherard Vines, and Edith Sitwell.

Illustrations by William Roberts.

I Want to Be A Telephone Operator by Carla Greene, 1958. This printing 1962.

(Part 1 - I have another batch of illustrations from this book coming)