Ladies behind the wheel of a 1916 Maxwell Touring Car.

Important parenting clues: what do their clothes mean!?!

Adolescence for Adults (1969, 1971)

Adolescence for Adults: A Report by Blue Cross

(first printed 1969, this edition 1971)

Finally getting around to posting the good bits of this amazing little pamphlet for the bewildered parents of late-’60s hippies, freaks, and other confusing teenagers. 

The Cross and The Switchblade by David Wilkerson and John and Elizabeth Sherill

Published by Pyramid Books (this is the 1970 reprinting with cover illustration by Lee Gregori).

"Adolescence For Adults" - an awesome report released by Blue Cross in 1969, intended as a guide to parents dealing with their crazy counter-culture children. I’ll be posting the inner pages eventually.