More summer fun from There’s Something About the Wildwoods

There’s Something About the Wildwoods - Travel brochure printed by the Department of Public Relations, Wildwood By-the-Sea, N.J, c. late 1950s/early 1960s.

This seems like the happiest Edwardian summer day ever had. 

All of these Edwardian photos are from work, and are of one family, from around 1916-1922.

Day at the beach, 1969.

I never really paid attention to the background action going on in the pool shot, but there is some serious summer fun going down.

More fun at the beach, 1969 (from a proof sheet).

A day at the beach, 1969. From a proof sheet - a few prints were made from this roll (which I might post later), but prints were probably never made of these images.

Summer vacation, 1970.

(My mom, uncle, grandmother, and grandfather.)

Wyoming, late 1940s.

You’ve probably noticed that I post a lot of mid-century shots of Wyoming - they are mostly from the photo albums of my great-aunt Gladys, who was a fantastic lesbian with a PhD who seems to have just partied nonstop with single women (and their dogs and cats) in the woods.

Wyoming, early 1950s.

The guy in the middle looks like a real character.