Sisters - Springfield, Virginia, 1970

I really don’t post many family photos, but I am going to be posting a bunch of material from a photo album put together by my mother in the early ’70s (when she was 10-12 years old). I love photos taken by kids, and these are a great glimpse at late 1960s and early 1970s preteen life!

Optical illusions fromĀ The Mind, a LIFE Science Library Book, by John Rowan Wilson and the Editors of TIME-LIFE Books. (1964, reprinted in 1971)

Day at the beach, 1969.

I never really paid attention to the background action going on in the pool shot, but there is some serious summer fun going down.

Christmas, 1939 (it must have been a warm one!)

Polly (my grandmother) is about 18 months old here.


This is one baby you don’t want to mess with.

More fun at the beach, 1969 (from a proof sheet).

A day at the beach, 1969. From a proof sheet - a few prints were made from this roll (which I might post later), but prints were probably never made of these images.