Two women in drag (having a lot of fun) and a guy with great hair.

This came from a bunch of photos circa 1915-1935, but unfortunately I don’t know enough about men’s fashion to be able to tell you when precisely this might have been!

Important parenting clues: what do their clothes mean!?!

Adolescence for Adults (1969, 1971)

This seems like the happiest Edwardian summer day ever had. 

All of these Edwardian photos are from work, and are of one family, from around 1916-1922.

Some fierce 1910s fashionistas followed by some scandalous merriment in the park (I know the second photo is not particularly easy to see - some guy is lifting up the skirt of the woman from the first photo who was wearing the fur-trimmed ensemble).

1971 - my grandmother, mother, and uncle, with their cat.

Summer vacation, 1970.

(My mom, uncle, grandmother, and grandfather.)

More of Rebecca, 1976. Photo by K. Dimler.

This one looks like an American Apparel ad.

Christening, 1968 - the mother, Lynda, is the woman by the creek, and it’s on the same roll of film as the pictures of a dimly-lit bar.