Hoffman’s Cafeteria, Miami Beach, 1944 (still standing - now Jerry’s Deli). Caption: “This is our Mess Hall.”

The Royal Palm Hotel, Miami Beach, 1944 (still standing - now The James Royal Palm Hotel). Caption: “1st A.F. Residence.”

"Bill Zimmerman" (1944).

This is from a fantastic, intact photo album put together in 1944-1945 by someone serving in the Air Force - there are so many names and faces in this album, I’m not sure I will ever know who it actually belonged to (and, of course, people don’t generally label their own names).

Most of the photos are from Hawaii & Florida, including some great ones of 1940s Miami Beach architecture.

I just lucked into a few dozen photographs from 1931-1933, taken by an American woman who was involved with the Pioneer Women’s Organization (a labor Zionist group), and immigrated to Palestine in 1932. 

This is an excursion to Egypt from their base in Hadera, 1932. 

This seems like the happiest Edwardian summer day ever had. 

All of these Edwardian photos are from work, and are of one family, from around 1916-1922.

Some fierce 1910s fashionistas followed by some scandalous merriment in the park (I know the second photo is not particularly easy to see - some guy is lifting up the skirt of the woman from the first photo who was wearing the fur-trimmed ensemble).

"The Mind’s Active Night Life - Monitoring a Dreamer", from The Mind, a LIFE Science Library Book, by John Rowan Wilson and the Editors of TIME-LIFE Books. (1964, reprinted in 1971)

Christmas, 1939 (it must have been a warm one!)

Polly (my grandmother) is about 18 months old here.