Hoffman’s Cafeteria, Miami Beach, 1944 (still standing - now Jerry’s Deli). Caption: “This is our Mess Hall.”

The Royal Palm Hotel, Miami Beach, 1944 (still standing - now The James Royal Palm Hotel). Caption: “1st A.F. Residence.”

"Bill Zimmerman" (1944).

This is from a fantastic, intact photo album put together in 1944-1945 by someone serving in the Air Force - there are so many names and faces in this album, I’m not sure I will ever know who it actually belonged to (and, of course, people don’t generally label their own names).

Most of the photos are from Hawaii & Florida, including some great ones of 1940s Miami Beach architecture.

Wedding, late 30s to mid-1940s. Most likely Chuckatuck, VA.

This is my great-great-aunt Matsie, born in 1917 - she was absolutely wonderful, and I love this picture of her.

From Galileo to Cosmic Rays, by Harvey Brace Lemon. University of Chicago Press, 1934 (this is the sixth pressing, from 1940). Drawings by Chichi Lasli

News update: I work in an auction house now, and regularly get to take home boxes of unsold books, like the one above!

Christmas, 1939 (it must have been a warm one!)

Polly (my grandmother) is about 18 months old here.

Cherry Ames, Visiting Nurse. By Helen Wells. 1947.

"It is every girl’s ambition at one time or another to wear the crisp uniform of a nurse. Certainly, girls everywhere love to read stories in which a nurse is the heroine. At least a million girls already know and admire Cherry Ames; have laughed over her pranks, and her gay adventures and wept over her problems."

My great-aunt’s super gay Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Wyoming, 1940s

(Winter in Wyoming, 1947 - my great aunt and a couple of friends hauling buckets of water up the hill to their cabin.)

Wyoming, 1940s.

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