Family portrait with dog, late ’20s-early ’30s.

Kid on the right clearly feels like a Big Man on Campus in his plus-fours, argyle socks, and two-toned wingtips, while his little brother on the far left doesn’t seem to be quite as enthused by the new trend.

Two women in drag (having a lot of fun) and a guy with great hair.

This came from a bunch of photos circa 1915-1935, but unfortunately I don’t know enough about men’s fashion to be able to tell you when precisely this might have been!

I just lucked into a few dozen photographs from 1931-1933, taken by an American woman who was involved with the Pioneer Women’s Organization (a labor Zionist group), and immigrated to Palestine in 1932. 

This is an excursion to Egypt from their base in Hadera, 1932. 

Wedding, late 30s to mid-1940s. Most likely Chuckatuck, VA.

This is my great-great-aunt Matsie, born in 1917 - she was absolutely wonderful, and I love this picture of her.

First Principles in Chemistry, 1937

Compiled by New York City high school teachers as a textbook to be used throughout the state of New York.

From Galileo to Cosmic Rays, by Harvey Brace Lemon. University of Chicago Press, 1934 (this is the sixth pressing, from 1940). Drawings by Chichi Lasli

News update: I work in an auction house now, and regularly get to take home boxes of unsold books, like the one above!

Happy baby I’m probably related to, 1930s.

Christmas, 1939 (it must have been a warm one!)

Polly (my grandmother) is about 18 months old here.