Family portrait with dog, late ’20s-early ’30s.

Kid on the right clearly feels like a Big Man on Campus in his plus-fours, argyle socks, and two-toned wingtips, while his little brother on the far left doesn’t seem to be quite as enthused by the new trend.

Two women in drag (having a lot of fun) and a guy with great hair.

This came from a bunch of photos circa 1915-1935, but unfortunately I don’t know enough about men’s fashion to be able to tell you when precisely this might have been!

Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley, Modern Library, 1928.

Saved from the dumpster at work!

My great-grandmother Ruth, born in 1903, and her Rockford College friends.

The uniforms with the floppy bow ties are field hockey uniforms. 

Early 1920s. 

Bryn Mawr dorm party, complete with a jug of milk, an accordion, and some drums.

Date unknown - I’m guessing early 1920s, though.

I collect Notgeld (German money printed by independent states/cities/towns as emergency currency - see this wikipedia article for more info!)

This is from 1921, and is Serienscheine, so it was printed for collectors rather than for use as actual currency. Really great German expressionist artwork, although disturbing to think that this was printed for collectors when families like this actually were starving in Germany.