Ladies behind the wheel of a 1916 Maxwell Touring Car.

This seems like the happiest Edwardian summer day ever had. 

All of these Edwardian photos are from work, and are of one family, from around 1916-1922.

Some fierce 1910s fashionistas followed by some scandalous merriment in the park (I know the second photo is not particularly easy to see - some guy is lifting up the skirt of the woman from the first photo who was wearing the fur-trimmed ensemble).

"First automobile."

Circa 1907-1910. I’m pretty sure my great-grandmother Dot is standing on the right in the back row, but honestly, she could be any of those children!

Wheels, 1919 (Fourth Cycle)

Edited by Edith Sitwell

Wheels was an anthology of modernist poetry that was published in several cycles from 1916-1921. This one has poems by Osbert Sitwell, Aldous Huxley, Sacheverell Sitwell, Arnold James, Francesco Quevedo, Iris Tree, Wilfred Owen, Sherard Vines, and Edith Sitwell.

Illustrations by William Roberts.

Bryn Mawr dorm party, complete with a jug of milk, an accordion, and some drums.

Date unknown - I’m guessing early 1920s, though.

Mary, 1910s.